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Franchise my Business

Franchise my business - is my business ready for that?

Franchising a business requires a solid foundation from which to grow.  This involves using tried and tested operating principles and methods.

Running a business as a business owner and running a franchise network are very different and not everyone makes the transition successfully.  We will show you how to create and manage a successful, growing franchise, with happy franchisees. 

Our costs are clear and transparent from the start.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to work with you to formulate a comprehensive plan and strategy for the development of your franchise.

Based on the franchise model and pilot scheme, we will work together to develop the Franchise Operating Manual, Franchise Agreement, Training Manual and Franchise Prospectus.

We have a tried and tested franchise marketing and recruitment strategy.  Recruiting franchisees of the right profile is paramount to the success of any franchise.

With all the foundation models and documents in place and ready to go, we commence recruiting franchisees with the desired profile for the business.

With over 35 years’ experience across the UK and abroad, FMC Franchise Consultants offers a cost-effective way of setting up your franchise and recruiting franchisees, giving them and you the very best chance of success! 

Experience both as Franchisors, Franchisees and Franchise Consultants gives us a unique understanding of the Franchisee/Franchisor relationship.  Our service is professional, reliable and we don’t waste time.

Franchise my business

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