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Buying A Franchise

Thinking of buying a franchise?

Buyer beware! Buying a franchise can be a minefield, and talking to an expert can help you put your mind at rest.

You need to take time and special care when considering franchise opportunities and buying a franchise.  Don’t get caught up in the excitement of finding a franchise that might suit you.  This is just the start.  Too many franchisees buy on instinct and don’t take sufficient care doing their research and due diligence. 

They sometimes live to regret this.  It can be a very hard lesson.

Our Franchise Consultants have been helping new franchisees to choose the right franchise for many years. 

We have a suitability test to help you find the right franchise for you.  Once you have made your choice, we will provide you the ‘inside story’ on the franchise and a report on the business and its existing franchisees before you commit.

What’s more we can help you look for the right financing to ensure you have sufficient capital.

We offer prospective franchisees:

Buying a franchise
Buying a franchise