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How to franchise your business

“Know where you’re going and how to get there…”

We are highly experienced franchise consultants ready to answer your questions on how to franchise your business. Franchising is a great way to build a business through having a network of franchisees all working the same way under a common brand.

If you are thinking about franchising your business please get in touch see if we can help.  Our service is professional, fast and cost effective.

When you build a franchise correctly, recruit the right franchisees and manage the network skillfully then it can be a dream business to operate for all concerned.  Your franchisees become like ‘extended family’ and it can be highly rewarding, enjoyable and profitable for everyone. 

For Franchisors

• FREE initial consultation • Fast and cost-effective set up • All documentation and manuals • Franchisee recruitment • Franchisee training and support • Troubleshooting and mediation • Franchise management and compliance • Fixed and performance-related fees

For Franchisees

• FREE initial consultation • Individual franchise suitability evaluation • Franchise finding service • Evaluation and report on any UK franchise opportunities • Providing the ‘Inside Story’ on any UK franchise • Negotiating franchise purchases • Financing arrangements • Fixed fees

how to franchise your business
how to franchise your business

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